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Re: a question - who greets little children?

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October 13, 2006 at 15:23:41:

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a question - who greets little children?
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: Hi Ken. I've wondered about this before, and asked a medium when I had a session with one. I have read that it's so comforting to be greeted after death by those you love who have already passed, but who greets little children, who have never known death? Is it unnecessary for them to have that greeting from those they know, because they are so innocent and trusting, and they have the memory of their existence before birth still fresh? Or do they recognise ancestors they never knew who died before they were born?

: My son passed when he was 33 months old. The medium said he was greeted by the "mother", who I guess might be my grandmother or a great grandmother, since my mother is still living, and my father, who has passed, even though he's never met any of them. I used to fantasize that he was greeted by Barney the dinosaur, or another character he loved and trusted. He went to a church preschool, where he was familiar with Jesus, but I don't think to the point where he would have immediately recognised him.

: Just wondering if you have any insights for me.

: Thanks. :)

Hey Julie

That is a very logical question, and deserves a very Spiritual answer. I was taught and shown on the Other Side that the Little Souls leaving early in their Earthly life, was there pre-destined purpose before they were born into Earthly flesh. For them to leave us early is their lesson to leave us with, so that we can do our homework assignment.
When the Little Souls cross back home they are met by Spirit Guides, and other family members who might have crossed before they ever came to be. In fact, they might have even gotten to know their ancesters before they were ever born to the Earthly plane.
I do hope that helps you out just a little.

Reaching For Joy


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