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Jen's Mom
December 22, 2006 at 18:48:49:

My daughter passed to the other side in 2004, my dad in 2001. I have never heard/seen either of them since their crossing. The other night at about 9:00 my dog was sitting in the living room just staring at me for about five minutes, not moving - unusual for a Jack Russell. I suddenly got up and went into the kitchen thinking she would follow me as usual, expecting a treat but she didn't. A few minutes later I returned to the living room and looked at her, she just sat there staring at where I had been sitting. I looked in that direction, and from the corner of my eye I saw my daughter sitting there, very pensive looking at her lap with her long hair falling by the side. I was so taken aback, I literally sucked in air, stopped in my tracks for a second then brushed it off as being silly. But the more I think about it, the more I think it really was my daughter. Then, two days later I was awakened from a dead sleep by my father calling "Susie" (he's the only one in my family who ever called me that), I awoke, startled yelling "what"? I sat up in bed, but that was the end of the conversation and I did not see him. Was this just something in my subconscious, or did he truly visit me. There was no dream involved.
Thank you for your input.

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