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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
December 23, 2006 at 10:51:55:

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Jen's Mom
December 22, 2006 at 18:48:49:

: My daughter passed to the other side in 2004, my dad in 2001. I have never heard/seen either of them since their crossing. The other night at about 9:00 my dog was sitting in the living room just staring at me for about five minutes, not moving - unusual for a Jack Russell. I suddenly got up and went into the kitchen thinking she would follow me as usual, expecting a treat but she didn't. A few minutes later I returned to the living room and looked at her, she just sat there staring at where I had been sitting. I looked in that direction, and from the corner of my eye I saw my daughter sitting there, very pensive looking at her lap with her long hair falling by the side. I was so taken aback, I literally sucked in air, stopped in my tracks for a second then brushed it off as being silly. But the more I think about it, the more I think it really was my daughter. Then, two days later I was awakened from a dead sleep by my father calling "Susie" (he's the only one in my family who ever called me that), I awoke, startled yelling "what"? I sat up in bed, but that was the end of the conversation and I did not see him. Was this just something in my subconscious, or did he truly visit me. There was no dream involved.
: Thank you for your input.
: Sue

Hello Sue

Very nice to see you stop by and visit the home of Reaching For Joy, and I hope you have a very nice holiday season.
This WAS very much a visit from your father, just as you experienced a visit from your daughter. Our pets and critter friends can sense the presence of a Spiritual Being very quickly as they arent that tied into the Earthly plane as much as their human counterparts. The visit from your daughter, and your acceptence of her visit just paved the way for your visit from your father. Now that this connection has been made with your loved ones, you shall, and most likely will start recieving other visits from them. Remember that the worst word in the dictionary is the word doubt. Never doubt that these visits arent visits, because that only breeds negative energy, and our loved ones on the Other Side thrive on positive energy.
The validation to these visits is the fact that they werent dream visits, but visions from the Other Side. I have been witness to many visual encounters from our loved ones just as you had with your daughter. I even saw an Angel appear at the foot of my bed when I was a resident in a nursing home after my accident.
Take care, and please keep me informed on your beautiful journey through life.

Reaching For Joy


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