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Ann Butler
June 08, 2007 at 19:37:41:

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August 28, 2006 at 13:40:56:

: : Hi Ken, I am so glad that your wonderful site is back online. I have a question I've been meaning to ask you about letting go. Since I last wrote you I bought a couple of books about astral travel and was able to wake up a couple of times in my dreams and realize that I was dreaming. So I went to search for my daughter Cassie on the astral planes and found her twice once as a baby and the next time as a very young girl in a house somewhere in Switzerland or Sweden which lead me to believe that she had reincarnated. Several months ago I had another dream visit from Cassie. I was in a garage looking for my car and I saw these 2 teenage girls in dresses and heels coming towards me and realized that one of them was Cassie. She came up to me and asked me in a somewhat displeased manner "Why are you always chasing after me?" I interpreted this to mean that I was always trying to find her when I woke up in my dreams. I said somewhat apologetically "Well I suppose its more for me than for you." Then she looked at me and said "I will always be with you." and vanished. Then I woke up. I haven't had a dream visit from her that I can remember since then. And I've stopped having lucid dreams as well. SO my question is, after a certain amount of time has passed do our loved ones who have crossed over want us to stop trying to communicate with them and just get on with our lives on this side? And if we still appear to be too attached to them does this interfere with their lives on the other side? And does this mean that after they have come to us in a dream or some other way to let us know that they ore OK that we may not see them again unless there is some crisis in our lives that they want to help us with or until we too cross over? It would be comforting to think that we can nurture an ongoing relationship with those who have passed on or is this not supposed to happen? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Much love and light, Bette

: Hello Bette

: I had better be careful on my answer to you as your precious Cassie is looking over my shoulder. The beautiful picture of her that you sent to me sits directly to my left on the corner stand were all my Angels are positioned.
: You never want to or have to totally disconnect with your loved ones on the Other Side, but as their Spirituality matures on the Other Side, and our Grief turns into mourning on the Earthly plane, our chosen destinies in life and the afterlife tend to take different journeys and pathes. We dont hold them back, as much as we tend to hold our own Earthly souls back. Thats why its very important to always have a beautiful connection to the Other Side, but we must also remember that this connection means giving them the blessings to continue their journey on the Other Side. They ( Spirit Beings ) will be with us forever as they know everything and feel all.
: Take care, and thank you for your kind words. Its great to see you back at Reaching For Joy.

I'm so happy that I discovered this site. I was glad, too, that Bette asked the questions that she did. I lost my soulmate a year and 9 months ago. We had the most wonderful life together. He was one of the healthiest and fittest people I've ever known - and one of the kindest. The cancer came out of no where. I feel that I died when he passed over. In fact, I truly believe we should have gone together. Within 6 months after he passed over, I also lost my brother-in-law and then my mom. In the past 10 years, I've lost both parents, my only brother, my soulmate, my brother-in-law, blessed pets, friends. I'm rambling. I'm lost.

I know he's near, that they're all near yet I miss them so much I hurt.

I've had several ADC's from my soulmate. I've tried to record them as they happen. In one - a "dream", I heard a voice say, "Go to the front door". I stumbled down the hall to the door, pulled it open, and there was my husband and an "entourage" of men behind him (his buddies, perhaps? He had lost several male friends over recent years.)He said to me, "I had to go away for awhile." I listened and seemed to understand.

While I know that he is in a beautiful place, I know he also loved this eartly existence - with me. His trademark greeting was, "Isn't this a wonderful life?" He told me he was going to live to be 112 or more. You know, I believed him. A problem that I have is forgiving myself. You see, I feel I FAILED him. I feel I should have found a way to help him get rid of the cancer. I was in such denial. I tried so hard to get him to the best hospitals. Three times I had everything set to get him out of town to a better facility. I feel I failed him. I feel my denial hurt him. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Shortly before his diagnosis of cancer, he told me he heard a voice say, "Life as you know it will never be the same."

I know his life is far better. Mine will never be the same.

Thank you for an enlightening site.

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